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Price List

Here is our price list of Getting It DONE!

Note that these need to be purchased in order.

We accept:

- Email money transfer.

- Mastercard and Visa

Introduction - Fit Assessment

Initial assessment.  Let's see if we a re fit to make sure you can achieve the sky's limit!

One 60 Minute Session

125.00 CAD


Starter - Are You Ready?

Let's get started!  Are you ready for "The Change"?  The mindset shift? Initial planning. DISC profile assessment (sold separately).  

We review your plan and get you started with timing, structure, and what execution means.

Six 60 Minute Sessions


NOTE: We recommend a sprinkling of Accountability Boosts below in Add-Ons.


Maintenance and Building - Ongoing 

This is the journey! You are actually running the marathon.  Need to maintain and adjust. Need to check in with me to go over the path and if a compass is required.  

We offer our clients who select this package ongoing messaging (via WhatsApp) support direct with Stephen when needed.

Ten 60 Minute Sessions

1900.00 CAD


NEW: Subscription Service

If you have completed the Starter package and you are ready for the ongoing change, you could register for a one year subscription and have ongoing access to your coach via WhatsApp and three meetings a month with your subscription. 

550.00 CAD / Month


Here are Add-Ons for our programs above.

DISC Profile Assessment

You'll get the DISC to complete.  I will assess the complete report. Not included with any plans.

150.00 CAD


Additional Session

Need an extra top-up session?  Here you go!

60 Minutes

225.00 CAD


Accountability Boost!

I will give you the accountability boost you need.

Need a kick in the butt?  You got it!

15 Minute Session

60.00 CAD


ADHD Consultaion

Stephen has ADHD.  We offer specific consultation for people who need to develop strategies to manage their goals and business from someone who has ADHD.  Documentation from a professional to confirm that you have ADHD is required.

60 Minute Session - Can be scheduled one session at a time.

115.00 CAD

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Let's Work Together

We are here to witness you succeed.

Accountability - Goals - Execution

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