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Mission Statement

To be the only Mortgage Planning and Advice Service that our clients (and their family and friends) need to accomplish their lifelong goals and dreams.


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NOT an assembly line!
Mortgage Planning at its finest.

We plan our clients from beginning to end.  We are not order takers.  We will ask thought-provoking questions to make sure we understand your goals and can provide experience-driven recommendations.


Incredible Rates and
Lender Access

We are able to offer a vast array of mortgage options, lenders, and rates.  Traditional lenders and non-traditional lenders, we have the ability to be "Mortgage Planners".

How fantastic would it be if you had a plan and access to the products and services to make your plan come to life?

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TD Bank
RMG Mortgages
Home Trust
First National
CMLS Financial


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Power of The Collective

We are part of The Financial Collective.  We are not just a one-trick-pony.  We will make sure you leave with your mortgage completed, you meet with our insurance professionals, and connect with our incredible financial planners.  


One. Stop. Shop.  That's the power of The Financial Collective.


Rent to Own

JAAG rent to own

Have some but not ALL your minimum down payment?

Damaged credit and need a fresh start? 

Need some time before an A or B lender can lend to you?  

We have our incredible partners working with us to help.  Life happens so if you need us to assist with a temporary solution until you can get to that final financing goal, we have an answer...and it's YES!

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