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Premiere Partner
Real Estate Professional

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Here are some incredible tools for Premiere Partners!

Want to be a Premiere Partner? We'd love to hear from you!

Click Here

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Premiere Partner
Program Features

*Blogs - Feel free to post!*

*Pro Level App 
Personalized for YOU!*


If we close 12 mortgages from your referrals

over a 12 month rolling period, we



FREE Personalized Mortgage App after 12 Funded Mortgages!

*Request a Financing Sheet for your Open House*

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*Are You Signed Up for TFC Rewards?*

Why not get rewarded for being a TFC Partner?

Easy and free!  Register today!

Click here for the flyer with all the details.

*Need A Rough House Value Estimate?*

Ever wonder what a home MAY be valued at by an appraiser?  We offer a one page report from one of our appraisal firms that provides an estimate of a property's value.  It is NOT an exact science but gives a rough estimate.  

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*NEW: Weekly Social Media Support*


You are now able to customize our social media templates as your own!  The list below are the links to all social media posts.  You just need a free Canva account to access!

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*Real Estate Professional Matching Service*

Relaunch April 2024

You are automatically eligible for this service!  What a great way to identify leads for our VIP Real Estate Agents!

More Info Here

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