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Laptop and Paperwork

Document Support

A library of supporting videos for clients gathering documents for their mortgage application.

Document Notes

  • IMPORTANT: Please let me know once all the documents are uploaded.

  • Please review the instructions below to assist in your file being reviewed in a timely manner.  

  • For joint applications: If there is not a specific name beside a respective requested document, we require that document for both applicants. 

Instructions for Document Submission

IMPORTANT tips to ensure your application is actioned promptly. If these tips are not utilized, your application will be delayed:

  • Please ensure none of the documents you upload have passwords.  They may not upload and may become corrupt. 

  • Please only send black & white CLEAR scanned PDF copies.  I cannot accept pictures of items.  Do NOT send tiff, jpeg, png, or any other format as we cannot transmit.

  • We have provided a link for file submission.  Please do NOT email any documents as it compromises the security of your data.

  • Name the files you are sending correctly. “Untitled“, “scan“, etc. slows down the process considerably.

  • Please don’t send duplicate files. It takes a long time to go through all the files and then slows things down when we have to guess what is what.

  • Keep your file size small. One file at 25 MB slows down the system.

  • Only send what is required unless there is a reason for sending additional documents.

Client Templates

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