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Here is your roadmap to understanding accountability, building effective goals, and putting processes behind execution.  When you are ready, visit our price list to understand cost and then visit request consultation to contact us and get rolling!

1) Introduction - Fit Assessment

Let's get started! We want to make sure this program will meet your needs.  Let's start with an initial assessment, run through an intake form, understand what you need to get to the place you think you are going.

3) Maintenance and Building - Ongoing 

This is the journey! You are actually running the marathon.  Need to maintain and adjust. Need to check in with me to go over the path and if a compass is required.  Need to go Second Level on your social media plan and calendar.  

We offer our clients who select this package ongoing messaging (via WhatsApp) support direct with Stephen when needed. Very cool!

Add Ons

Check our Price List for all the cool Add Ons we offer!

2) Starter - Are You Ready?

Let's get this construction project started!  Three sessions to truly get pen to paper (or stylus to tablet) and develop your plan.  Goal development is the first session.  Accountability is the second.  Execution is the third.  We build a plan and confirm our check points. Social media, growing your Network and team, and what it takes!

ADHD Consultaion

Stephen has ADHD.  We offer specific consultation for people who need to develop strategies to manage their goals and business from someone who has ADHD.  Documentation from a professional to confirm that you have ADHD is required.


NEW: Subscription Service!

If you have completed the Starter package and you are ready for the ongoing change, you could register for a one year subscription and have ongoing access to your coach via WhatsApp and three meetings a month with your subscription. 

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