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Here are some incredible tools for VIP realtor partners!

Note that to have access to the VIP Program, you agree to have us as your FIRST referral contact for your clients.

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If we close 12 mortgages from your referrals

over a 12 month rolling period, we



FREE Personalized Mortgage App after 12 Funded Mortgages!

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*Need a Newsletter Article?*

Link to Article
Analyzing the Economic Implications of Canada's New Tax Policy on High-Income Earners
How Bank of Canada's Rate Announcements Influence the Canadian B
The Surge of the Suburbs
Investing in Canadian Real Estate
The Role of Government in Housing
Economic Factors Influencing the Housing Market
Decoding Mortgage Trends
Technology and Real Estate

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Why not get rewarded for being a TFC Partner?

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*Need A Rough House Value Estimate?*

Ever wonder what a home MAY be valued at by an appraiser?  We offer a one page report from one of our appraisal firms that provides an estimate of a property's value.  It is NOT an exact science but gives a rough estimate.  

Click here to submit a request.

*NEW: Weekly Social Media Support*


You are now able to customize our social media templates as your own!  The list below are the links to all social media posts.  You just need a free Canva account to access!

Link to Canva Post
Link to Content of Social Media Post
Home Ownership for the Self-Employed
There are Two Types of Variable Rate Mortgages?
During Your Bridge, you need to pay BOTH mortgages
Not all mortgage rates are created equal
Pre-Approval: Documents and Credit Bureaus
Default Insured Mortgage Rates
Lenders Will Verify The Contents of Your Job Letter
There are Special "New To Canada Programs"?
You Can Use a Gift as a Down Payment for an Investment Property?
Your Credit Score Will Drop If Your “Percentage Utilization” is Too High.

How to use social media templates:

*Informative Webinars*

Topic: Real Estate Economic Market Update for Real Estate Agents - Numbers, Charts, and Opportunity


MONTHLY, on the first Thursday of every month at 2:00pm Eastern Time


Description: Attention Real Estate Agents!

If you want to be on top of the market and what's happening, you need to attend this complimentary webinar on a monthly basis!

The secret to providing top level advice for your clients is understanding the market and staying current on economic conditions specific to real estate.  

- Rate trends
- Home sales and volume stats
- Construction figures and the impact
- Immigration trends
- Broker advice to clients
- Household balance sheet impacts
- Delinquencies, debt servicing


Stay current by attending this session monthly!

Topic: Property Virgins - The New Normal


MONTHLY, on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm Eastern Time


Description: Have you heard about the process to buy a new home but want to understand from a Mortgage Expert? Do you have some money saved up but want to know where to start?  Do you need clarity in terms like Pre-Approval, Pre-Qualification, Credit Score, Total Debt Servicing, Default Insurance, or Appraisal?


Join us as we walk you through the process to buy your first home, what all these terms mean, and what to look for in an amazing Real Estate Agent!

Topic: The New Real Estate Investor Reality


MONTHLY, on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm Eastern Time


Description: If you are a Real Estate Investor or want to be, you NEED to attend this session!

Gone are the days of just buying a house and assuming the cash flow is good. Also, appreciation is NOT, I repeat NOT, a valid investor strategy.

We will discuss the real estate investor game around cash flow. When to buy, when to walk away. Screening tenants...there is a CORRECT way to do this! What banks are looking for...this is a moving target you need to be on top of!

*Real Estate Professional Matching Service*

Relaunch April 2024

You are automatically eligible for this service!  What a great way to identify leads for our VIP Real Estate Agents!

More Info Here

OLD Wednesday Mortgage Social Media Post
Archive - Ending February 2024

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